Which states pay psychiatrists the most?


If you are a medical practitioner specializing in psychiatry or someone who may choose to be one in the future, you must have wanted to know which states pay psychiatrists the most. Psychiatry is often considered to be a huge responsibility because it deals with the mental health, emotions and behavior of human beings. People with mental distress are quite vulnerable and sometimes misunderstood, and so psychiatrists need to be very capable to handle and care for these individuals.

In the past, mental illness used to be frowned upon by the society and the patients had to look for treatment secretly. But as people have become more awareness over time, we can see people talking about these issues and the demand for psychiatrists has grown. But still, the United States faces a shortage in supply of skilled psychiatrists. It is partially because of the immense obligation they need to fulfill towards the patients and also this field is not the highest paying one in medicine. The average annual salary a psychiatrist can expect is around $193,000 but the highest paying states of the country actually pays quite higher. The top 10 states usually pay over $200,000 with the highest paying state being California as the only state paying over $250,000. This annual salary translates into an hourly income in the range of $100 to $120 and this is quite respectable in all senses. Also, the number of psychiatrists employed in different states vary by quite a high margin and you can always pick a state where you think you can contribute the best given the supply and demand.

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