Which states pay the highest salary to surgeons?


As a surgeon trying to plan your career, you must have asked yourself which states pay the highest salary to surgeons. Being a surgeon is a tough task and it feels good to be properly compensated for the effort that goes behind being a surgeon.

The earliest recorded instances of medical surgeries date back to the 1600 BC. Surgeons are responsible for conducting medical operations using their calm nerves and vast understanding of human anatomy. Different components of the human body are very complex and usually surgeries are done as a team. But surgeons stay in the forefront making intricate incisions. So, a lot of years of learning and training go before people can call themselves surgeons. Medical school, doing residency, passing certification exams, training for specialization – everything is a part of that process. So, equitable pay is quite desirable.

The average remuneration for surgeons is quite acceptable. A licensed surgeon can expect to make more than $350,000 per year. But the top states are often more generous than the rest. The average salary in the top 11 states ranges between $383,000 and $422,000 per year. This means the hourly income of surgeons working in these states can be in the range of $184 to $203. This is comparatively higher than other sectors in the medical profession. The list is topped by New Jersey where you can earn nearly $422,000 every year.

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