Which Surgical Residency Program Should You Apply for?


The college is finished, you got your degree, and now it’s time to decide which surgical residency program should you apply for.

The US has to offer great opportunities in this field. Each year, the US is scouting more great surgeons from all around the world from all the fields in surgery. Besides getting the best treatment for their patients, the US also has the opportunity to breed the best brand new national surgeons as well.

When looking for surgical residency programs in the US, there are several things you need to pay attention to so you can be sure you have covered everything that is important in this matter. First of all, always look for the biggest hospitals to do your residency. It might come as a surprise, but smaller hospitals can have good surgical residency programs and might have great surgeons as well. But there won’t be that many patients and, therefore, there won’t be that many opportunities to learn or scrub in. Besides, the best surgeons are usually the greediest surgeons. This means that they will go wherever they are offered the most money. And which hospital will offer them the most money if not the biggest and most visited ones.

Also, be sure you took a look at all the lists of the best residency programs in the field you are building your career on as well as the reviews of the past residents. Note this: if residents took off from the hospital as soon as they passed their board exams, that means that hospitals don’t have something big to offer to you, so pass it immediately. Also, check out if they have been working on some trials lately. Medical trials are building the history. Even if something that your mentor wanted to prove turned out to be false, it is still helpful when it comes to conclusion since it will be brought back each time the new trial linked to that topic comes along.

As you can see, there are many features to look after when choosing the best residency programs for you. But Insider Monkey offers you a help to your solution with their list of 10 best surgical residency programs in US. So check them out and see if it fits you or you have something to add to it.


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