The United States of America currently has the 45th president in power and that is why should know which US presidents were the least successful, so that you can compare the performances of the different presidents.

Even though all the presidents come to the White House and take the responsibilities of the country based on the people’s votes, not everyone has been able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the citizens of the country. The least successful ones failed to implement key decisions and/or got mired in different scandals. But a few of them could not live long enough to oversee necessary changes. James Garfield was shot only 4 months into his presidency and he died from his wounds after three months. William Henry Harrison had it even worse because he died of pneumonia only one month after getting sworn in. We also need to acknowledge Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan for their roles in failing to quell the conflicts between the Northern and Southern states. The inability to solve the differences between the anti and pro slavery stances meant the country geared for armed conflict and their indecision and poor management resulted in the civil war. Warren Harding and Richard Nixon have been embroiled in multiple scandals. Even though Harding’s scandals came out after his death, Nixon’s Watergate scandal cost him his presidency. Then we have presidents like Jimmy Carter and George W Bush, who failed to handle vital international diplomatic situations. Bush’s war policies have given us the world that we are currently witness to.

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