Which US presidents were the most successful?


If you want to know about US history and politics, you should know which US presidents were the most successful.

The United States currently has the 45th president in power and so, we already have a long list of presidents who have managed to leave behind something either good or bad. And because of the two dominant political parties, the successes and failures of the presidents are quite hotly contested. There have been a lot of polls to access the performance of past presidents, but most of them tend to show bias towards a party. But Sienna Research Institute and Brookings Institution have managed to do some credible work on this topic. They surveyed scholars and political science experts about different characteristics of the presidents. Even though the two results did not match, they can still be used as some sort of a platform to analyze the performances.

The rankings show that the presidents who have managed to guide the country during the problematic periods were deemed to be more successful. These individuals needed to be accurate and determined about their own policy-related and military decisions. But sadly the 1990s and the 2000s are represented by Bill Clinton only. This means the previous presidents most probably created more changes for the country. Even though people will contest the position of many of the presidents, the most successful president so far will always be Abraham Lincoln. He won the civil war for the union, he protected the country from going bankrupt and he led a divided country to greater unity. And he has had quite a few movies made on his life too.

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