Which women were considered to be the most famous witches?


In order to understand how far we have progressed as human beings, you need to know which women were considered to be the most famous witches.

The current condition of human civilization is not perfect. But we can safely say that we have managed to leave behind some really horrible practices. One of them has to be the practice terming women to be witches. Throughout history, we have seen too many stories of strong, independent women being given the accusation of performing witchcraft and vilified by the entire society. Many of these women died in the hands of these inconsiderate, myopic people. The opinion leaders even managed to initiate major scale witch hunts from time to time. The women who were caught in these hunts were often denied justice and they were burned at the stakes in public display. Some of these unfortunate women are Agnes Sampson, Abigail Hobbs and Merga Bien. Other prosperous women like Anne Boleyn and Angele de la Barthe were conspired against, and they paid the price of this conspiracy by dying as witches. These sorts of stories have also given rise to myths of witches. There is a monument in memory of a witch named Maggie Wall, even though no records have shown that there was any such person. The rare happy stories about witches refer to women like Marie Laveau and Laurie Cabot. They managed to be born in more tolerant times and their activities in medicine and community works were accepted by the people and they died with dignity and peace.

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