Do you have hots for astrology? Then you have to know which zodiac sign enjoys sex the most? If not, like always, we are here to help.

Astrology is the science whose followers believe that their destiny is affected by the movement of the stars and planets and that our faith is already written even before our birth by the month we were born in. To be honest, I personally never tried to understand it and have always believed that my faith is in my hands only. But there are many people who don’t have a hard time believing in astrology like I do, which is why they often turn to some psychics to find out their faith. They are told by looking into tarot cards or making the natal cards their exact future path. But what does the month you are born to have to do with sex? Apparently everything.

Each zodiac sign has some planet that it rules and have some element of water, earth, fire, or air. Although I am not that into astrology, as I mentioned before, I sometimes like to sneak in and try to run some interesting facts about Virgo. The planet that Virgo rules is Mercury. I really have no idea what it means, but it sounds really important. Or maybe not? Well, again, it depends on the fact whether you believe in astrology or not. The Virgo’s element is apparently earth. Does this mean that we have our feet always on the ground, that we are self-aware or what? Either way, it doesn’t sound sexy at all. But it was really pleasant seeing Virgo on the list of 6 most sexually active zodiac signs. Just to make clear, I don’t see myself as a nymphomaniac, but this fact is actually hot and inspiring in some way. I might be a bit taken away by the lust. Yeah, that must be it. Still, Virgo was placed second on the Insider Monkey’s list of 6 most sexually active zodiac signs. If you would like to see the rest, just click on the link, and you will be automatically transferred to the original article where you will be able to check if the person you considered to be your soulmate was on this list as well.