If you are a fan of everything related to zombies, you should also know which zombie video games are the all-time best. Recently we can observe a rise in popularity of zombies and it has sparked the launch of many zombie related movie, TV shows and games.

Still a few zombie games have managed to stand out because of the gameplay and in some cases, for the overall making and storyline of the game. In the past, zombie games used to be all about mindless action and shooting. But through time, game makers decided to spend some more time on the story and this idea brought forward special games which were very rich in the background stories of the different characters. The Doom series started off based on only action, but the reboot Doom 3 managed to bring horror components into the mix. Resident Evil was a big part in the lives of the 90s kids and the latest editions – Resident Evil 4 and 5 – gained critical acclaim and sold millions of copies worldwide. Techland was instrumental in bringing in open world gaming to the zombie infested world with Dying Light and Dead Island. The option of crafting different weapons to innovate newer ways to survive was quite attractive to the gamers. Dead Space took gamers to the intense scenario of surviving zombie attacks while confined in a spaceship. Games like “Left 4 Dead”, “The Walking Dead” and “Last of Us” were heavily dependent on telling a compelling story of survival and all of them received very high ratings from the critics.

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