Who Are America’s White Collar Criminals?


In my opinion, ’’white collar criminal’’ is a polite phrase to call someone a robber, as this is actually something that white collar criminals do, but as they are committed by powerful people, they obviously deserve some respect to be called differently than the ones that take purses from old ladies. So who are America’s white collar criminals?

They are actually normal looking people in expensive suits that take your money that you think you are investing in your future. Instead, you are investing in their children’s education and their big houses and expensive journeys. And why this crime isn’t simply called robbery? The answer is simple: there is no violence, threats, guns, blackmails, or breaking into someone’s house. You aren’t afraid during the robbery. Actually, you aren’t even aware of it until one day you hear on television that the CEO of the company that you invested all your savings in run away with all the money, including yours.

Greed is defined as one of the 7 death sins, but as no one pays attention to the other 6, why would they even consider this one? And while you are biting your head with ethics and the trust fund that weren’t trustful at all, the man you gave your money to in the hope that it would pay you up double some day is going on the cruise and drinking martini while you are looking for the last dollar in the house to pay the bills for that month. On the bright side, no white collar criminal remained uncaught. On the other hand, this means nothing to you as the money they spent will be never returned to you. And how to prevent this from happening? Well, there isn’t a way. The only thing you can do is to invest in some big company if you have enough money, but this is also high-risk situation. To give your money in the bank can also lead to the white collar crime. The only two things you are left with are: you can hide it somewhere in the house and hope that you won’t forget where you put them and there wouldn’t be any burglary or even worse, the fire, and the second is to put it in the bank and hope that there will be there when you need them. Either way, you can only hope for the best.

But if you are interested in the white collar criminals that are already caught and want to know the way they did it, we recommend you to read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 high profile white collar criminals and their crime cases in America.