Who are the Best People to Follow on Snapchat and Their User Names?


Who are the Best People to Follow on Snapchat and Their User Names? In this generation of technology where people believe in keeping touch over social media platforms rather than meeting up in person. There are many platforms where a user becomes quite popular due to his/her posts. Unfortunately, Snapchat is not one such platform. So, we have out together this list of the most awesome people to follow on Snapchat. We have also listed their usernames. Social media has become quite an important factor in the life of both individuals and the companies. Each platform showcases different types of content. The stories on company Snapchats are quite different from what you can see on their Twitter and other pages. Many dedicated users are successful on these platforms and it’s quite an achievement.

In Snapchat, it’s not as simple to follow users as it’s on other social media platforms. Though you can immediately find people who are part of your contacts in your phone, for others, you will have to know their username and specifically search for it. It’s not convenient to follow people or have a huge following. This is exactly why we created this list. You might find some people whose posts might be interesting for you. The information for this list has been sourced from New York Magazine and Business Insider. Since each user is part of this list for a different reason, the list is not in any specific order.

Sophia Amoruso, Cassey Ho, Shaun McBride, and Kylie Jenner are some of the Best People to Follow on Snapchat. Sophia Amoruso uses the username of sophiaamoruso. She founded the NAsty Gal. Her snap stories are full of karaoke stunts and amazing selfies. Cassey Ho’s username is blogilates. If you are crazy about fitness or you want motivation, this is the person. You can follow her for gym and fitness related posts. Shaun McBride’s username is shonduras. He posts pictures of his travels during his work for the brands. He was quite a star when the app was first released. Kylie Jenner uses the username kylizzlmynizzl. If you follow her, you will get to see her spectacular life. For more, check out the list of the Best People to Follow on Snapchat and Their User Names.