The US military forces are giving away tons of money for providing their sectors best equipment, from the uniforms, weapons, defense systems, planes, and vehicles. Since the US military is the greatest military force in the whole world, even the Chinese government spent the last few years improving their strategies, weapons, and soldiers in order to be ready to go against the US and take them over, but until now, it doesn’t seem that they succeeded in it, as their leader spends most of the time provoking on the US, without making any action. Or maybe it is their new strategy, I don’t know. But who are those big providers of the US military that made the US force undefeatable?

According to the data collected in 2015, the US army was given $600 billion budget for that year and almost the third went to their defense system, or to be more specific, to Airbus Group SE, BAE Systems plc, Boeing Co, General Dynamics Corporation, L3 Technologies Inc, Leonardo SpA, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon Company, and Thales SA. Each of these companies earned about $7 billion that year, which was when summed up, 5% of the entire US federal budget for 2015. Of course, when it comes to the sale, like any other companies, these 10 are also nationally-neutral and they spread their sells to other militaries, maybe perhaps even private armies. Obviously, until they are bought over by the Chinese government, the US has nothing to worry about. The thing is, the half of these companies are placed in Europe, which means that they can’t be controlled by the US in any sense.

Each company is specialized in some area, which, when summed up, make billion professionally equipped US soldiers, and due to that, the strongest military force in the whole world. For more detailed information of 10 biggest defense contractors in the world, check this Insider Monkey’s  article.