Who Are the Most Famous Witches in Mythology?


Since the Charmed and Sabrina were launched more than 10 years ago, girls and boys from all around the world tried to find out what they powers were and stopped being threatened by these creatures like they were before. No one could say anything now to make them finish their dinner or go to bed in time and some of the bedtime stories that included witches as bad guys were switched to stories from the old mythology. These stories are interesting for both toddlers and adults, especially the ones over obsessed with mythology overall. So who are the most famous witches in mythology?

When we were kids, we were told stories about witches that fly on their brooms, scare people, steal kids, and cook them in their big ovens. They were being talked about in many children’s fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel, where there was an old lady who attacked kids after they have eaten her house made out of sweets, Snowhite and Seven Dwarfs, where Snowhite’s stepmother turned to witch and tried to kill her with the poisoned apple, et cetera.

But suddenly, being a witch became a cool thing. First, we met a teen witch Sabrina, who was living with her two aunt witches and tried to do good deeds with her powers. After that, three sister witches came along and brought glory for both actresses and witches in general. And even Sandra Bullock played a lead role in Practical Magic as a witch.

As you can see, even the witch’s world isn’t all black and white. But people in history didn’t think so. Because of all the ancient stories they have heard before, they were convinced that witches are bad and the world should be cleared of them, so they tracked down every woman they believed had some witch blood in her and burned her down to the ground, because they believed that they can do harm to the whole nation. Was it true? Were they as bad as people thought until the 20th century or their species also came into a gray zone sometimes? None of us lived in that period, so we can only guess. But we can read about them and the 11 most famous fictional witches in mythology on Insider Monkey’s website.