The feminism took the serious job during the past few years and now there are more and more women doing as same kind of work as men do, and winning the same awards as men do. But still, in many areas, if society it still seems like women are inferior to men which make them do far more work for far less price. Although the science should be the universal and open-minded area, there are still some borders towards the females. And why aren’t women fighting for their rights in higher-demanding expertise? The answer is simple: because they don’t have enough role models. Fortunately, unlike the science, math has enough successful females that can be role models to young girls. The most respected female figures in the world of math are there for centuries and those women didn’t let anything or anyone to come on their way.

I hope that you have all heard about Maryam Mirzahami, the first female mathematician that won Fields Prize. The Fields Prize is something like Nobel Prize in mathematics, and Maryam can since 2014 brag about being the first female, 80 years after the prize has been established, to win it. And why wouldn’t she be some girl’s role model instead of some freaky singer or a topless model? Children should be aware that being smart is nothing to be ashamed of. For some reason, kids nowadays are not that accepted in school just because they are high above other children. Instead of admiring, they get to be isolated or even mocked by others, which is why they are hiding their IQ instead of using the most of it. The worse thing is that there are higher chances that they will someday become people they represent themselves.

Now we talk directly to parents: you made your child be the best, you made them to be who they really are and to be proud of themselves. Don’t let them change their path just because of some trend. Don’t let their role model be some psycho model, but show them 10 most famous female mathematicians in the 21st century. Show them that they can be great as them!