Who are the most successful as a Minecraft Youtuber?


If you know about Minecraft and want to follow some interesting channels on YouTube, you should know who are the most successful as a Minecraft Youtuber.

It feels like Minecraft and YouTube were a match made in heaven. In order to be successful as a unique Youtuber, you need to be imaginative and relatable. Minecraft, the top PC game and the second best among all games on all platforms, is all about creativity and imagination. This digital sandbox of a game allows you to do whatever you want to build or do. And so, the successful gamer Youtubers have managed to build a niche for themselves and have attracted millions of subscribers. There are some Youtubers whose videos occasionally feature Minecraft, the true heroes are those have built a reputation based only Minecraft.

These Youtubers can rack up huge amounts of views because of their funny, creative and addictive contents. As Minecraft offers lots of features and options for the players to choose from, sometimes these Youtubers also collaborate with other players to keep things interesting. Also, they tend to bring out new videos very regularly. Having started back in 2012, each of the top Youtubers has thousands of videos on their channel. For example, JeromeASF has nearly 4500 videos. A few other popular channels have also crossed the 3000 mark. The most successful channel has to be TheDiamondMinecraft. Run by Daniel Middleton, it is one of the top 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube and already has more than 8 billion views in total. And Dan is making good money too, because he is estimated to earn nearly a million dollars every year.

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