Who are the most successful gaming YouTubers of the world?


If you like gaming and watching others play games, it will be very fun for you to know who are the most successful gaming YouTubers of the world.

YouTube is a fascinating place for people with different ideas. In the past, gamers used to stick to posting tutorials and walkthroughs on the internet. But as we all know, if you like gaming, you also tend to like watching others play and share their experiences. Often people enjoy the fact that there are other people in a different part of the world who have faced similar frustrations during gaming. And if the person you are watching is funny, it is an added reason to get hooked that person’s channel. The combination of a few likable traits has given immense popularity to a few gamers who regularly post videos on YouTube.

We can clearly understand why more and more people are trying to post gaming videos on YouTube when we see that even the 11th most popular gamer on YouTube has more than 12 million subscribers. Felix Kjellberg, who is more popularly known as PewDiePie, is at the top of the list of most successful gaming YouTuber of the world and his channel has the highest number of subscribers in any category. He has managed to hold on that position since December of 2013. Most common game played by these YouTubers is Minecraft but some have also shown their talent by posting funny gameplay commentary of other games. These gamers have also started doing vlogs about their life as a gamer and their interactions with the subscribers.

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