Who are the most successful Project Runway contestants?


Who are the most successful Project Runway contestants? When someone mentions a reality show, you firstly think of some really annoying MTV shows like the Jersey Shore, but we shouldn’t generalizing, because some of the reality shows really have the purpose and the contestants can get real business opportunities. One of those shows is definitely the Project Runway. If you ever watched an episode you can say that it is a very demanding show which allows a few or no mistakes. This is why they have a real opportunity and the stakes are high. That is not so much different than the fashion industry itself. So you have to be real tough and really talented to make it. This show is no different. The Project Runway was created in the early 2000s and it is still airing at the Lifetime. It is hosted by real stars-model Heidi Klum, Elle director Nina Garzia, fashion consultant Tim Gunn and designers Michael Kors and Zac Posen.

A lot of people want to compete in this show but only the best contestants could make it till the end of the season and among them, the show created a lot of great designers. Some contestants become very famous and continue to surprise the fashion industry with their fashion innovations. This is really inspiring for the viewers who are interested in fashion because it sends the message, if you work hard enough you can make your dreams come true.

Among of all contestants, a few names have singled out, and the Insider Monkey has published an article called 7 Most Successful Project Runway Contestants. They had done an excellent research and found out which are the most successful ones. On the 7th place, there is a season 12 winner Dom Streater. To check out the rest of the list of the most successful contestants, just click the link above.