Who are the most successful Twitch streamers?


With more than 1,7 streamers it is really hard to compete when it comes to gaining your own audience. Believe it or not, most successful Twitch streamers are live game players, whose audience just sit and watch them play and talk about the game during the battles. You may call that funny, but they have more than million followers each and earn serious money while you read this.

I remember when a few years ago everyone became crazy about League of Legends and I made fun of them as they were wasting their life on some foolish game instead of thinking about future. Don’t get me wrong, I still do of some. But looking at this numbers I crossed over, I got a serious headache and even considered making the account of my own. And yes, I gave up because, first of all, I have no idea how to play and second, these people actually made a profession of playing LoL. Crazy, right? But not for them. They take this too serious, which is why there are that many people sitting and watching their screens.

So what makes them so special? Yes, they play games and yes, they are very good at it, but that really can’t be all. There has to be something else that makes them so popular. Let’s see the list of 11 most successful entertaining Twitch streamers our research team came up with so we can discuss it further.