We have all heard or read the stories about King Mida and his enormous health, but the thing is he never existed.  But there are people who can be compared to him according to the wealth. So, who are the real-life King Midas’?

When you look at the situation in the last couple of years, on the top of every single list of the richest people is, of course, Bill Gates. His wealth is estimated to astonishing $75 billion. When looking for the richest people in the world, you should pay attention to all the facts from the credit card balance, over the houses, cars, companies and the shares. The market is really unexpected. The shares you may think will get you a lot of money, can miraculously fall apart and you can easily stay naked or vice versa.

Looking through the history, there are two men that will definitely remain as the richest people ever and those are  Mansa Musa and Genghis Khan. While Mansa Musa’s fortune is estimated to $400 billion, Genghis Khan is said to be worth about $100 trillion. Not bad, right? So, what did they have that made them that rich?

Mansa Musa’s wealth was reflected in more than a half world’s supply of gold and many lands. Today’s countries that were included in his kingdom are Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mauritania, and Niger. It is also said that he always traveled luxuriously, entourage by tens of thousands of slaves, civilians, and military.  But, as every good leader, he used his wealth to help the less fortunate ones, by giving them money and goods and built mosques.

As Genghis Khan is concerned, we already said that his wealth was estimated to $100 trillion. The leader of Mongolian people is said to conquer 12 million square miles of land during the war and that he generously shared his wealth with his people.

But looking at today’s conditions of living, that include health care, better food, and comforts, who are the richest people? We have already mentioned Bill Gates, and all generations know about Mark Zuckerberg, but what if I told you that there are 4 more people between them? Yes, you read well. Between Bill Gates, who took the first place, there are four more men to come in front of Mark Zuckerberg who took the sixth place on our list. Wanna know who those people are? Then check out Mansa Musa vs Genghis Khan: who is the richest man in history by Insider Monkey.