Being a top lawyer is always tough and if you are aspiring to be a great lawyer, you need to know who have been the most successful and influential lawyers of 2016.

The field of law is extremely tough to survive. You need to be adaptive to the changes in the local legal system and you also need to keep the old cases in your memory for references. But once you make a name for yourself, you can the catalyst to many changes in the society.

The top lawyers of the world became famous for different cases. But all of them have one common feature and that is they won extremely challenging cases at some point of their life. Mark Geragos, a criminal defense lawyer perfect for celebrities has amassed around $25 million representing big names like Winona Ryder and Chris Brown. Joe Brown is one of the role-models for African-American lawyers. His fame as an excellent judge also gave him his own reality TV show. Robert Shapiro may have defended other celebrities previously, but his skills were in full display when he and his team managed to get OJ Simpson acquitted in the much publicized case. John Branca is the go-to name for anyone big in the entertainment industry. He is so influential that Billboard Magazine has named him the “Lawyer of the Year”. William E Gary regularly goes against big corporations and the fact that he has won more than 150 cases worth millions of dollars each means that he knows his game quite well. But Richard Scruggs sits at the top because of his win against the asbestos industry and his successful representation of homeowners after Hurricane Katrina.

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