Who Is Shaan Patel?


Every student that have to prepare SAT, every parent whose child needs to prepare SAT, and basically every person in the world who watched Shark Tank knows who Shaan Patel is. If you don’t belong to any of these three groups, better proceed with this article as sooner or later, you will also need him in your life.
When Shaan Patel entered the big scene on Shark Tank, it seemed that he didn’t impress any of the judges. They thought that he was too ambitious, but the problem was that he wasn’t aiming towards the specific goal. He was highly passionate about teaching, test preparation, medicine, business, entrepreneurship, and writing. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find a way to mix all of these interests into one brilliant idea. But at the end, Mark Cuban saw Shaan as a great opportunity to enroll some money and he never looked back.
Shaan Patel started out as a SAT failed student from Nevada with the total score of 1760. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he wasn’t eager to start a medical career which he obviously couldn’t do with this low scores. And that was when his brilliance came onto a surface. After spending thousands of hours on the SAT preparations, he managed to find the perfect formula for passing it, and not only passing but scoring the top. When his new result came, he managed to score the perfect 2400. This allowed him to enroll the BA/MD program and guaranteed him a $250,000 scholarship funded by Coca-Cola, Toyota, and McDonald’s. His name quickly became worldwide known, especially after he used the last $900 from his bank account to launch the PrepExpert, where he is helping students with learning tips. The initial idea or PrepExpert was to run for a summer, but after each attending student managed to score additional 300 on their SAT, he realized that he found his call.
He is the guy that we must all admire to and every person in the world should know the story of Shaan Patel, his Shark Tank video and SAT preparation classes