Who Owes the Most Money to the US?


Since the US became one of the strongest and richest countries because of their industry and poise, a lot of countries turned to them for some help and liability. But they still weren’t capable enough to bring all the money back and their debt is eminently increasing every day. And who owns the most money to the US?
According to the report from the US Department of the Treasury from 2016, the United States owns $9.46 trillion of other countries, of which $2.70 trillion are debts towards the US. The more surprising fact is that, of these $2.70 trillion, even $1.71 trillion is the debt from only 10 countries. And who owes the most money to the US? Believe it, or not, Canada. The amount of money they owe to their neighbors is $380 billion and that’s only the official debt.
Other countries that make this $1.71 trillion are the United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Australia, Netherlands, France, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Luxemburg. As you may see, these are all well-developed and richer countries, but, as it turns out, their glory and the wealth come thanks to the US. As it appears, none of these debts are influencing the US that much, since they are still remaining on the top. This may come from the fact that the US owns more than 50 states that allow them to balance their whole economy. It isn’t a big deal if some of them fail in some time since they will always be some more stable one that made bigger credits in the same period. So, the way I see it, the US has no chance either in bankruptcy or in losing its place on the top.
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