You went on a car fair and fell in love with the most perfect car in the world? Wanna buy it? Check your bank account again. No, can’t do. Let us explain something- the only people who can afford brand new fancy cars are either people who inherited some big money or the ones that have an extremely good job. Speaking of it, do you know who owns the most expensive car in the world?

According to several resources, the biggest auction price ever gotten for the car was $38,560,000. The proud owner of this prestigious Ferrari 250 GTO purchased it in August 2014 and brought it to Italy along with the rest of his collectibles.

You think this is too much? Well, it probably is. If you have ever taken a look at our lists of most wanted or best-paid jobs, you will notice that none of those jobs are paid more than $400,000 on the annual basis. If so, what kind of job could the proudest owner do in order to be free enough to purchase one machine for this kind of money?

And now comes the funny part- none! The only thing Carlos Monteverde had to do in order to be able to buy this expensive car is to be born as the son of Lily Safra. Don’t waste your time on googling her, because there won’t be any special news about her. She wasn’t the successful entrepreneur or celebrity. She was just smart and charming enough to earn about $1.2 billion for getting married four times. Of course, out of the respect, she kept the last name of the husband who left the biggest amount, which was about $800 million. And who would have the most use of her 800 million dollars smile, but the mommy’s little boy? So, was it his birthday present or just some spare cash he had on his bank account? That part still remains unrevealed. But at least he now ones one of the rarest and most respectful cars in the world.

While we are here, let us explain why this car is so special. First of all, because of its rarity and antiqueness and the most uncommon story. The Ferrari GTO 250 was manufactured in only 39 examples. We won’t bother you with all the specific classes because the only one that you should remember now is the 3851GT. It was manufactured in 1962 in order to compete in 3-liter FIA GT World Championship held that year. Unfortunately, long before the race, the racer trying it out had a bad car crash, where both driver and car were badly damaged. Actually, the car was damaged, but obviously fixable. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t get that lucky and remained death and the scene. Three years later, Fabrizio Violati got the good deal to buy it and 50 years later, his grandchildren are enjoying great benefits from his great investment.

But this was the auction and we all know how the system works. Who gives the most money, gets the bride. But what about cars whose price was approximated by the manufacturers itself?  What are the 10 most expensive cars of all time? Click on the link and find out yourself.