Since Trump won the last presidential elections, there are assumptions that the American society will fall apart more than it already is. But, there have been just two presidential candidates, and the other one was Hilary Clinton, and people obviously chose the less evil. The biggest reason Trump won is not because he is the best in his job or because he gained the trust of the people, but because people were afraid that Hilary would continue where her husband left after he was removed from the throne. From the early beginning of his campaign, Trump came in front of the people with such insane conclusions like the one that Mexico is sending rapists to the USA, and decisions such as building the wall between the USA and Mexico and banning Muslims from the country as well as forbiting them the entrance ever again. As much as this sounds ridiculus, there were even worse acts of the former presidents and those leaders were far more worse than Trump is said to be.

As a matter affect, the men who made on the list of the most corrupt presidents ever is actually the reason people gave the toarch to Trump instead of Hilary and that’s no one else, but her husband, Bill Clinton. During his presidency, Bill Clinton was involved in many scandals like infamous Monica  Lewinsky scandal. For the ones who are not familiar with the Lewinsky scandal, during the investigation of the Clinton’s sexual harrastment of former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones, it was discovered that 49 years-old president had even 9 sexual intercourses with the 22 years-old intern, Monika Lewinsky. His false testimony later led to the fine of $90,000 and his licence of practice law has been suspended in Arkansas for 5 years. He later tried to explain that his testimony was false, since the definition of a sexual relationship includes touches and penetration and, even though it includes giving the oral sex, it excludes recieving it. He was charged by it anyway.

On the other hand, Monika Lewinsky found herself in the focus of the political storm, which lead to her biography published in 2000.and later on, she started selling the first hand bag collection. This publicity really helped her and she is now one of the most famous people in the fashion industry.

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