Who Were the Cruelest Presidents Ever?


President’s elections are the period when all of us are shaking due to an unknown path of our future. It might sound unbelievable, but that one day in four years determine the next four years of your life, which is why there is no valid excuse for you to step out when it’s time for the vote. Each vote counts and with each one of them, citizens are taking their own life in their hands and create their own destiny. Giving someone else your vote can leave you to end up with someone as great as Obama family was for eight years, but it can also let some sadist rule your life in the next four years. Speaking of it, we will now talk about who were the cruelest presidents ever, and hopefully, after you read our article, you will think twice before skipping next elections.

Having a leader of a country is a thing that exists since the first civilization became. The first leaders were the strongest men of the herd, and after that, leaders were chosen by their legacy, or sometimes they had to give their throne to someone more capable than they were. Then, there were the members of the royal families that pulled all strings and the least, but not least important, presidents. Next to them, the members of the royal families look like just pretty and once upon a time important faces. But their duties are actually the same. The only thing that tells them apart is that the Royals will always remain the Royals and each new generation will be waited by their legacy. Unlike them, presidents are chosen every four years by citizens and they can rule a country for not more than eight years, no matter how good leaders they were.
But, there is a bright side of it. Sometimes, people choose someone who makes great promises, but sometimes fail to accomplish them, and sometimes just chooses to forget everything he promised and starts gaining as much power and money he can. He forgets about his people and thinks only of himself and all the perks that come with the title of president. Some presidents even see themselves as Gods who can take anyone else’s life in their hands, and by taking anyone else’s life in their hand, we are not speaking metaphorically. Some presidents really thought that they had that much power that they can take away as many life as they wanted without any strikes. Click on the next headline and see who were 10 most evil elected presidents who killed the most people.