If you were thinking that one of the cheapest thing when you are investing in your house would be fences, you were wrong. But as other things, except the decorations, things you buy for your house are not that expensive for no reason. And here are the biggest reasons why fences are important?

Besides the decoration, fences have two more functions: the first one is the safety and the second is the privacy. When we are talking about safety, let’s start from the top and by the top, we mean the balcony. No matter if you are a family with kids or the party roommates; the balcony is the first place you will want to secure. People may be clumsy or have dizziness when the approach to the height, not to even mention the drunk college people. On the other hand, what does the kid know how much are 20ft? We don’t want to talk about consequences.

But let’s move from the dark side to a bit lighter side. In translation, let’s talk about yard fences. As the yard without fences may seem prettier and easier since there is an effort to find a nice fence that will fit your house décor but won’t bring your house in the back plan. When talking about the fence, there are five main roles.  The first one and the most relevant one is to keep your kids safe. No matter which part of the town you live in, there will always be that one reckless driver who is not paying attention to the speed limit, sidewalk or the walkers. Kids, however, don’t pay that much attention to cars and it is the usual thing for some of them to cross over or run on the street to catch a ball. Well, the fence will stop both of them to approach one another and therefore prevent a terrible accident from happening.

Another role of the fence is similar, but instead of kids, it should protect your pets, usually dogs, as they have only one life, unlike cats. With installing the fence, you will keep them to follow some stranger and forget their path to the home, to run in front of the cars, to attack neighbors or mailman, or be stolen.

Number three is the burglary. If you would do a bit of a research on this topic, you would find out that the higher percentage of burglary is actually in the houses unsecured with fences. Obviously, who would bother with opening and closing the gate, or even skipping one, while there are the ones opened for business that look like calling criminals to enter?

The next one is the privacy. Installing a fence is like building a wall around your house. There is no one to come as if your lawn was the public property, no one to ride four-wheels, or throw trash and leave their footprints since, for some reason, they can’t go on the sidewalks that are there for the reason. The best ones, in my opinion, are the ones with the phone on the front gate. Of course, most irrelevant, but a most frequent reason is the esthetics. And, to be honest, every house looks a bit naked when it doesn’t have a fence.

But as calling the handyman every time you want to fix something or install a new thing is too expensive, things like installing the fence is often put aside to be done later, and it never is. But if you are the DIY person, or are sick and tired of calling a handyman every single time, but think you need a fence, Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of 5 easiest fences to install yourself. So check them out, and secure yourself and your family. Or just make your house a bit prettier.