‘’Who is that lady sitting every day in the library and why is she always angry?’’ I laugh so hard every time I walk into library with my nephew, especially when we are returning books late. Our local librarian never yelled at him or me, and she is always pleasant around children. But for some reason, he cries his eyes when he is around her.
To be honest, I was also afraid of our school librarian when I was in primary school. But after all, our Miss was so cold and angry at everyone who walked into her room, no matter whether it was a teacher or a student. She looked like she hated every living being on Earth and I never got myself to even think of getting into her office without some of my friends. Especially because I was always so irresponsible and never brought any book back in time. On the other hand, I watched so many kid’s shows and there were librarians always presented as old women with fat glasses and curly hair seeking for her victim. I got the impression that every librarian out there was eating people alive. But, when I got older, I met her again on some casual occasion and, I have to admit, I was so embarrassed of 9-year-old me. This woman was so sweet and easy-going and I couldn’t stop laughing with her. I never got a chance to ask her why she was like that through my whole childhood, but it is maybe better to remain this way.
As you can see, librarians are misunderstood most of the time. Their angry faces can be misread and they certainly don’t mean that they are angry at you or bad. They are maybe too focused on their work, or maybe even the low salary.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is a hard path of becoming a librarian. It isn’t enough to like reading books and memorize every quote you like. You will need to get the degree in Librarian Science and, if you want to start working as a school librarian, you need to get a teaching certificate too. After you are done with all the exams, it is time for you to seek for a job in some of 25 best states for librarians.