World’s 10 Largest Telecom Companies By Subscribers


Telecommunication has been revolutionized ever since the advent of cellular phones or mobile phones. I am not talking about the smartphones here, of course the smartphones is the big thing nowadays, but telecom companies built up their subscriber base way before there existed the smartphones. Back in the day, having a phone that was not plugged to a wall was considered pretty cool. It was then when the telecom companies actually blew up and mobile phones became the norm. There are a lot of telecom companies operating around the world, and this industry is pretty solid for new investors. If you are thinking about investing in such a company, then our today’s article is going to offer you a new insight. The thing is the more subscribers a telecom company has, the higher the revenue it is going to generate. More revenue usually translates into more profit, and maximization of wealth for the stock holders. Our researchers have done a pretty good job of finding out the world’s top telecom companies by number of subscribers. If that is something you are interested in learning about, then do not let me keep you any longer, and just follow the instructions to get access to the full article.

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