World’s Most Expensive Desserts


Are you sweet tooth? Well, if you are then, brace yourself, because shortly we will be taking a bumpy ride into the world of sweets. You ask why bumpy? Because unless you are ready to spend a fortune on a dessert, you are bound to feel a little bit jarred by the time we are done. Sweet tooth or not, I think we all can agree to the fact that, there is hardly anything that complements a full course meal like a good dessert. Though it may be a form of coercion, but we did not mind as a kid when we got to have dessert only if we had finished our vegetables. The saying ” every dark cloud has a silver lining” never made more sense when we were kids.

Now lets come to the “bumpy” part. It’s all well and good to fancy a fitting dessert after a hearty meal. But how much are you willing pay for the dessert, for me, a couple of scoops of delicious ice cream does the trick pretty much and that never costs me more than 5 dollars. But, there are desserts that can cost you more than the steak you just ate, even all the steaks you will eat in weak combined.

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