By 2050, over seven out of ten people will reside in metropolitan areas, more than tripling from what it is today. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world’s population—4.2 billion people—will live in cities, up from the current 55%. Many recent graduates visit cities in search of employment possibilities and leisure activities. The decision-making process is heavily influenced by variables like career prospects, educational options, economic climate, and crime rates. These elements are also crucial for companies looking to grow in these cities. Cities all around the US have been impacted by COVID-19. Numerous organizations and industries were severely harmed by the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the ensuing closures and orders to stay at home. From March to April 2020, there was a sharp rise in unemployment as a result of this. Unrest in the job market was a hallmark of the COVID-19 recession. During the pandemic, workers in low-paying occupations were hit particularly hard by job losses. Adults who are unemployed seven out of ten times report feeling more stressed than usual as a result of their situation. The bulk of COVID-19’s effects have been detrimental. The amount of air pollution has decreased as a result of a large decrease in emissions based on carbon. In 2019, an estimated 1,203,808 violent acts were reported, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

Insider Monkey highlighted the 20 worst cities in America. Corpus Christi is ranked as the 43rd most dangerous city in America according to the FBI’s 2019 database. According to data reports, the city’s cost of living is 83.1%. The city has a crime rate of 43.86%, making it a risky place to live. Incredibly greater than the national average of 22.7, Hammond had a violent crime rate of 61.8. In June, Hammond’s unemployment rate was 8.4%, a significant increase from the national figure of 5.9% and a sign of less-than-ideal economic conditions. On the list of the worst American cities, Las Cruces comes in at number 18. In Las Cruces, violent or property crime affects one in every 24 residents. The city is still dealing with a severe healthcare crisis brought on by COVID-19; 505 people have died as a result. With 9.46 million people, Chicago-Naperville-Elgin has a poverty rate of 11.8%. On the list of the worst US cities, it comes in at number 17. On the list of the 20 worst American cities, Waterbury comes in at number 16. The poverty rate in the city is 24.3%. Additionally, Waterbury has a higher crime rate than 99 per cent of the cities in the state. The city is less appealing to live in as a result of these issues. Flagstaff’s cost of living is 15% more than the national average. From a long-term average of 7.02%, the unemployment rate rose to 8.7%.  For more details, click the 20 worst cities in America.