Would you like to have a midnight wedding in Vegas?


Would you like to have a midnight wedding in Vegas? Then let us take you through the top 24-hour walk-in wedding chapels in Las Vegas.

We have already mentioned in our articles how good investments these Vegas weddings are. First of all, there isn’t 6 months planning, there is no frustration about money. You don’t need to call people you have never met in your life, just because your parents went to their wedding 40 years ago, but didn’t see them since. Besides, when you finish your wedding ceremony, which is very short and cozy, you can enjoy your honeymoon right there. You can gamble, stay in your room the whole night, watch some shows, and basically, do whatever you want in the sin city since no one would remember you the day after.

Time has changed. Every girl’s dream was to wear a big princess’ gown one day and say in front of hundreds of people ‘Yes’ to their prince charming. Some of them even have all decoration prepared, have several bride’s maids wearing the same outfit, always looking worse than the bride, because SHE is the bride.
But things are different now. Prince charming is coming on a scooter, each couple tries to be more unique and most of them are trying to be independent and avoid letting their parents pay for a wedding so there are only a few couples willing to give lots of money for a big traditional wedding. We have all realized that the ceremony by itself is the only thing that matter and that the only people who are in demand of being in are the bride and the groom and two witnesses. So why would you pay that much, if you can have your intimate little wedding in some of the top 24-hour-walk-in wedding chapels in Las Vegas?