When you hear Bill Gates’ name, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Is it his Microsoft corporation? Or maybe his charity work and helping people in general? Or would you maybe like to gossip a bit about his life? What if we tell you that we have some information’ about his incomes, house, taxes, and looks of his property? Would you like to have a peek into Bill Gates’ house?

As Bill Gates is worth $75 billion according to Forbs, no one would expect him to live in three rooms flat, but what if we tell you that he and his wife gave the most of their fortune to charities and that the plan is to give away even 95% of it? Well, still no. Before they started giving everything they had away, they spent over $60 million in 7 years to build their own mansion as they wanted. If you think this is a lot, we have one more shocking information when it comes to the money related to this house.  The next owner of this 66,000 square feet mansion would have to spend at least $124,994,000 to buy it over, as this is its nowadays value.  Of course, the taxes are $1 million each year, but, no matter how much it sounds to us mortals, if you were a billionaire like Bill Gates is, you wouldn’t even feel it. One more interesting thing is that this house has its own name. Yes, you read right. Let us represent you Xanadu 2.0, and its proud owners Bill and Melinda Gates!

And what kind of rich people would they be if they didn’t have that many unnecessary rooms and space that no one uses, but they are just nice to have for designing experiments? While they wanted to leave a bit of mistery and didn’t reveal the exact number of rooms they have, you may assume they are too many, but you know that is too much when you hear that they have 24 bathrooms and 6 kitchens in every part of the house. What for? Bathrooms for them and every employee in the house? I don’t think so. But they obviously have one kitchen for every day of the week just to break the monotony, and one day is reserved of eating in the town, or maybe some space shuttle, why not? As I am already feeling dizzy because of all these information, why wouldn’t you proceed to the rest of the 20 surprising facts about Bill Gates’ house: Adress, technology, taxes et cetera that Insider Monkey gathered?