Zuckerberg ‘Tone Deaf’ between Facebook Inc. (FB) as Business and Social Network


Questions continue to be raised on whether Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) owner Mark Zuckerberg is tone deaf between the obligations of the company as a public entity with the sole motive of making profit, to a social network with the obligation of protecting its user’s privacy. Bloomberg Contributing Editor, Paul Kedrosky, has discussed some of the risks that come with oversharing of information on the social media on Market Makers.

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has faced huge uproar and criticism after it was discovered that it carried out a research whereby it played with its users emotions through comments, with a view of analyzing how people would react to some info. Mr. Kedrosky believes Facebook especially its owner Mark Zuckerberg cannot be trusted’ with personal data.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, has already apologized for any emotion distress that the company might have caused with its recent study while in India promoting her Book. Sandberg said that Facebook’s actions were “Poorly Communicated.” Facebook’s biggest challenge that is causing lots of uproar with many people is its recent actions to filter news feeds for its users.

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) filters news feed algorithmically so as to create more space for its advertisers to market their products and services to the end consumer; this is what Mr. Kedrosky had to say on the level of filtering that Facebook undertakes on News feeds.

“You only see like 20 to 30% of the news items that are created by people you follow on Facebook. Facebook filters the rest and filters them algorithmically.”

The fundamental difference between Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) is the fact that the latter allows users to see all the feeds that go down the drain, compared to Facebook that carries out filtering.  Mr. Kedrosky stated that Facebook with its recent research was trying to show how they can change their users and not the product thus the reason, why recent runs of apologies are not genuine.

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